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July 8th, 2006

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May 5th, 2006


Hate You

Jyn and I now have a community :-D yea!!

in other news though I am ready to scream!!!

M went to work at last, G's reading but M was telling G how she's hoping to get the 23rd off in June (aka when I go down to see dad) but she was teasing me and said I'd have to get up early.

G was all - oh she'll be up early, She's going to see William... and she made this god awful face I swear it looked like she hated him or something...

JESUS CHRIST I swear will she ever accept that he's a part of my life now?

and then M was like well what's for dinner tonight I was like i'm still figuring and G was all no she isn't, she's on her computer - Hello! she is one to talk! she spends all day on her computer too, only reason she isn't on right now is that she's got books from the library.

so I went and was with M in the kitchen and M pointed out there was fettecuni (I know I spelt that wrong i don't give a care) and pot pies in there... I was like ok hey G does fettuchini sound ok and she was like whatever. and M was like well you can get the cookbook out and make something and I was like ok and G was like well whatever you want I don't care.

I swear I HATE cooking! in this house I do! Cause no matter what I do she is not happy. it's enough to drive a person INSANE.

I left our other account up and running just so we can see stuff there - figured why destroy it right? lol. and it's now got our CSI guys as mood so yeah.. :-) which I'll give you after we figure out your password :-)

now i'm off to vent and post everywhere lol :)
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